StuG III Ausf.G

StuG III ausf.G, 1.Pz. Div, Sekeshfekhervar, Hungary, January 1945

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I`m glad to introduce you my long project. The work on this model took two years. I decided to make something unusual – StuG III with ostketten and waffle zimmerit for example. The Tamiya`s model is quite old and demanded a lot of scratchbuilding and aftermarket. All the weld seams and periscopes were scratched. A large number of PE sets were used. Waffle Zimmerit from Atak. Various accessories on the engine deck were taken from my stock.

Painting was made with XF-60. Then MIG filters for yellow vehicles were applied. Washes were made by 502 Abt oil paint. Chips to metal were painted with Vallejo. Winter camo XF-2 was airbrushed, then light grey filter was applied. Chips to yellow were made with Vallejo. Washes and rust on white made with 502 Abt. Mud was made Acrylic resin and Russian earth pigment.

The following kits were used:
Tamiya 35197 – the model
Lion Roar Le35009 – basic PE
Aber 34А14, 35А23 – fenders and skirts
Tamiya 35199 – grills
Atak 35010 – zimmerit
Atak 35A03 – concrete armor
Friulmodel ATL-83 – track links
Friulmodel AW-02 – drive sprockets
СМК 3054 – mantlet, supporting wheels etc.
Moskit – exhausts
Aber TCS 06 – cables
Voyager MEA55 – cleaning rod
Model-Point 3592 – barrel
Model-Point 35100-1 – barrel of MG-34
TANK A-110 – wing nuts
TАНК A-107 – canisters
Master Club MC 435054 – hexagonal nuts

Vladimir Yashin

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  1. Алексей Алексеев says:

    Живописно выглядит! Словно чистая машина сгоряча случайно заехала в грязищу. Для меня это “горячая” тема: сейчас “мучаю” штурмгаубицу (на стапеле) и Павла Черепанова (по телефону, по работе с “лаком для волос” от Мига Хименеса (смайл)). Буду пытаться изобразить ободранный зимний камо и грязюку на основе АК-шных жидкостей.