Schulpanzer I

PzKpfw I Ausf.A Ohne aufbau, Kraftfahrlehrkomando Zossen, 1934

This is my submission for the “Light tanks Contest”. I decided to build unusual light tank – Schulpanzer I. The vechicle of the first german tank unit — “Kraftfahrlehrkomando Zossen” was chosen as a prototype. This unit was established in early 1934 and was equipped with a number of Schulpanzers I Ausf.A. The Tristar`s kit is quite good, but some aftermarket sets were used. I changed fenders by PE from Aber, also Lion Roar PE for Pz.I A was used. Tracks are from Friul. The bolts in the model aren`t good and were changed by resin bolts from Master Club. The same story with the headlights which were changed by Elf`s production. Also the pre-war german canister from Tank was added. All the welding seams were made with help of extra thin cement from Tamiya.
The camo scheme is typical for Reichswehr. I used Tamiya`s acrylics and weathered model with oils and pigments.

The model won 1st place in Model of the Month/May 2007 on

The following sets were used:
* Tristar 35025 — the model itself
* ABER 35119 — PE side fenders for Pz I A
* Lion Roar Le35008 – PE for Pz I A
* Friulmodel ATL-20 – metal tracks
* Elf – headlights
* Master Club MC 435054 — resin bolts
* Tank A-142 — canister

Vladimir Yashin

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